About Me!

I'm Daarka!
I'm a freelance artist and crafter of handmade dice. I'm female (she/her), based in the US, surrounded by animals, my sign is Cancer, and I'm in a long term relationship with my art, my bestie (Dakota), and coffee.

Fun fact: "Daarka" is a combination of merging the first couple letters of my first + middle name together!

I'm an animal lover (including the weird ones), with a particular fondness for rats, foxes, horses (I grew up a chronic Horse Girl™), and other, more obscure friends. I'm into Vulture Culture and love collecting dead things. My favorite color is red, and my Starbucks order of choice is commonly a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino. I've been riding horses my entire life and I know my way around a saddle, and I usually have a weird assortment of animals in my room (sometimes including a spider I caught outside). I've also been doing written roleplay most of my life, having finally gotten on the D&D bandwagon in the last couple years to compliment the hobby (and I love it). Prior to D&D, I was into (and, for a time, administrated my own guild for) Nightmare Court / sylvari roleplay communities. We stan Critical Role in this house. I listen to a variety of music depending on my current mood, I love massively oversized hoodies (and weather cool enough to let me wear them) and my room is a mess. I live in Arizona and I adore the Sonoran Desert. I would love to draw more than I do, but years ago I overworked myself and developed carpal tunnel, which I'm just stuck with now. I'm neurodivergent and high-masking ASD. My bed looks like a nest. I'm surrounded by people I love and I love what I do.